Liaison Officers

American Liaison Officers


When the original Protocol of Agreement was signed by both the Air Force Academy and the École de l’Air in 1969, it was decided that an Air Force officer from the Academy would accompany the contingent of American cadets during their stay in Salon-de-Provence on temporary duty (TDY) basis.

Their stay began in August of each year and ended in December.

In every instance, the French Section in the Department of Foreign Languages at the Academy selected and provided that officer.

This procedure was followed until 1975, at which time the decision was made to assign a US Air Force officer who would become the Liaison Officer to the École de l’Air.

This was a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) for a normal two-year tour that could be extended one additional year.

The first three officers to be assigned came from the French Section in the Department of Foreign Languages at the Academy.

In 1982, this assignment to the École de l’Air became the responsibility of Air Force Personnel In Randolph AFB, TX. This procedure is still in effect.

1971 Donald C. SCOTT
1972 John KOHOUT
1973 Austin WEDEMEYER
1974 A. Allen ROWE

1975 - 1977 A. Allen ROWE
1977 - 1980 Norm L. TREE
1980 - 1982 Donald C. SCOTT
1982 - 1984 Felix M. GRIEDER
1984 - 1986 Randal K. JAMES
1986 - 1988 John D. MacKAY
1988 - 1990 Philip McBRIDE [EX'78] 
1990 - 1993 John W. FISHER 
1993 - 1995 Dan H. CRAFT [EX'80]
1995 - 1997 Kevin R. FRISBIE
1997 - 2000 Julio C. GAMEZ 
2000 - 2003 William "Trey" NOLAN
2003 - 2005 Robert KIEBLER
2005 - 2007 Mark  SMEDRA 
2007 - 2010 Dan  WILKINSON
2010 - 2013 James GINGRAS
2013 - Present Brian DUMM

French Liaison Officers


Only a few years after the Air Force Academy opened its gates at its present location, a French Officer and a Belgian Officer were assigned to the Department of Foreign Languages at the Academy. Their primary function was to teach French. The Belgian Air Force did not send a replacement after 1961 and the French officer became the only French-speaking foreign officer assigned to the Academy.

In the late 1960s, when plans for the French Exchange program began to take shape, the French Officer played a very major role in the creation of the Exchange and the realization of the Exchange Protocol of Agreement was due in great part to the efforts of that officer, Paul Aunis, who remained at the Academy for five years . The duties of the French Officer were then expanded to assist in the preparation of cadets selected for the Exchange and to supervise and coordinate the training of the French Aspirants during their one semester at the Academy.

In 1981, the selection of the French officer was modified at the request of the École de l'Air. Since that time, French Liaison Officers have been selected from the technical teaching staff at the École de l'Air. All of these officers now teach in one of the engineering departments at the Academy. So far, they have taught in the Departments of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Electrical Engineering. However, they continue to assist in all phases of the Exchange programs, including the selection and preparation of cadets.

The normal tour of duty for these officers was originally two years with the possibility of a single one-year extension. In 1998, this policy was changed and the normal tour of duty is now three full years. Rotation normally takes place during the summer.

1961 - 1963 Louis GELAS
1963 - 1966 Michel FAURET
1966 - 1971 Paul AUNIS
1971 - 1973 Jean-Claude ICHAC 
1973 - 1975 André LAFFITTE
1975 - 1977 Jacques JOSSO
1977 - 1979 Emmanuel DELGOVE
1979 - 1981 Bernard BOULEIGE
1981 - 1983 Arnaud DELAVAL [EX'69]
1983 - 1985 Hubert De QUATREBARBES
1985 - 1988 Gilbert LEGUEN [EX'76]
1988 - 1991 Gilbert SOUCHET
1991 - 1993 Guy BENQUEY
1993 - 1995 Serge DUVAL [EX'81]
1995 - 1997 Gilbert MAHÉ [EX'81] 
1997 - 2000 Dominique COLIN 
2000 - 2003 Christophe MORAND 
2003 - 2007 Georges-Marc RIVIÈRE
2007 - 2011 Patrick HEIM
2011 - Present Jérôme D'OLIVEIRA

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